Infiniti QX4 service since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance instruction
2.1. Access, protection
2.2. Elements of systems of safety
2.3. Car equipment, arrangement of devices and governing bodies
2.4. Comfort
2.5. Operation receptions
2.5.1. Main cautions
2.5.2. Features of operation of the car equipped with the three-functional catalytic converter
2.5.3. Running in of the new car
2.5.4. Car filling
2.5.5. Control operations
2.5.6. Transportation of goods, trailer towage
2.5.7. Engine start
2.5.8. Features of driving of the car with automatic transmission
2.5.9. Use of an all-wheel drive mode
2.5.10. Instructions for use control system of the speed (tempostaty)
2.5.11. Recommendations about economy of fuel
2.5.12. Car parking
2.5.13. System of hydrostrengthening of a wheel (GUR) - the general information
2.5.14. Brake system
2.5.15. Councils on driving in various conditions
2.5.16. Care of the car and operation in the conditions of winter
2.6. A mode of operation in emergencies
3. Routine maintenance
4. Engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. Transmission line
9. Brake system
10. Suspension bracket and steering
11. Body
12. Electric equipment


2.5.16. Care of the car and operation in the conditions of winter

In order to avoid freezing of locks from time to time pump in keyholes special anti-icer or glycerin. If to avoid freezing it was not possible, heat up a key before introduction it in a keyhole.

Antifreeze use

With approach of a cold season when the temperature of air can fall below 0°С, it is necessary to fill system of cooling of the engine with antifreeze on a basis этиленгликоля — for more details see. Head of System of cooling and heating.

Water plums from cooling system

At refusal of car operation in a winter season in system of cooling it is necessary or to fill antifreeze, or completely to remove from an okhladitelny path water — drain gates are located under a radiator and on the engine block. Before starting operation of the car do not forget to fill cooling system (see. Head Routine maintenance).

Care of the storage battery

At insufficient level of a charge of the storage battery in frosty weather there is a risk of freezing of electrolit. Regularly check a condition and level of a charge of the battery, in case of need make its service and additional charge — for more details see. Head Routine maintenance.

Wheels and tires

As a spare wheel use only the wheels recommended in quality запаски for all-wheel drive models.

The structure of a protector of tires of a summer design is urged to provide optimum coupling with a dry paving, however with emergence fly and snow efficiency of functioning of such tires considerably decreases.

With approach of a winter season it is necessary to establish on wheels all-weather (ALL SEASONS) of the tire, or the MUD & SNOW type tire (dirt and snow). On all four wheels of the all-wheel drive car winter tires of an identical standard size should be established.

Additional strengthening of quality of coupling with an ice-covered covering is provided by shipovanny tires which however are forbidden to use by the legislation of some countries and separate regions.

At movement on the dry or humidified firm paving shipovanny tires provide the worst coupling with darling than neshipovanny is ready.

In need of overcoming of mountain barriers in a winter season there can be a need for application of wheel chains — before the beginning of a trip make sure that chains according to the tiporazmerny characteristics answer a design of the wheels established on your car.

Chains should be put on only back wheels!

Use only the chains, approved associations of engineers of automotive industry (SAE). At installation of chains strictly adhere to the instruction of manufacturers, in case of need apply special natyazhitel. Free trailer links of a chain should be properly fixed or removed in order to avoid injury of wings, wheel arches and the car bottom. Whenever possible try not to overload the car, move with small speed.

At departure on the road with a normal covering remove chains.

Use of road chains is forbidden by the legislation of some countries and separate regions.

Special winter equipment

With approach of a winter season constantly keep in the car such necessary adaptations, as:

  • Scraper and rigid brush for snow removal also fly from glasses and screen wipers;
  • Strong flat board for a podkladyvaniye under a jack heel;
  • Shovel for clearing of snowdrifts and snow drifts;
  • Stock of cold-resistant liquid for washing of glasses.

Precautionary measures

  • Damp ice (at temperature near 0°С), strongly cooled snow and ice promote considerable deterioration of coupling of wheels with a paving. At movement in similar conditions observe extra care, avoid sharp accelerations and braking. Whenever possible try to leave from garage only after the road will be processed by ice or powdered with sand!
  • Remember that sharp acceleration and braking by the engine can lead to loss of coupling of wheels with the road!
  • Watch observance of a safe distance to ahead going participants of traffic — remember that in a winter season the length of a brake way in an essential measure increases!
  • Try to snatch out beforehand a look sites of a local icing of a paving. In advance brake at approach to snow-covered sites. At movement on ice avoid braking and sharp maneuvering!
  • Remember that темпостат it is not intended for use at movement on roads with a slippery covering!

The device of preliminary warming up of the engine (if it is established)

The device is intended for preliminary warming up of the engine for the purpose of simplification of its start in very frosty weather. Consultation on the car equipment the such adaptation always can be received at firm car repair shops Infinitis.

The device of preliminary warming up of the engine should be connected only to equipped with the grounding tire to electric chains. In case of use of transitional adapters, the last also should be equipped with the grounding plug!

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