Infiniti QX4 service since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance instruction
3. Routine maintenance
4. Engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. Transmission line
8.1. 4-step automatic transmission
8.2. Transfer case
8.3. Differentials, power shafts / semi-axis
8.4. Driveshafts
8.4.1. General information
8.4.2. Removal and installation of driveshafts
8.4.3. Check of a condition of driveshafts
9. Brake system
10. Suspension bracket and steering
11. Body
12. Electric equipment

8099f600 продажа оборудования
демонтаж оборудования Цены на демонтажные.


8.4.2. Removal and installation of driveshafts


  1. To Poddomkratta the car also establish it on props (see an illustration the Scheme of an institution of props for car fixing in the lifted situation).
  1. Mark landing position of the driveshaft of rather connecting flange.
  1. At the corresponding complete set turn out bolts of fastening of a basic arm of the central bearing, then release fixture and disconnect a shaft from assembly of the main transfer.
  1. At once after shaft removal закупорьте an entrance opening in transmission by a suitable cap.

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8.4.1. General information
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8.4.3. Check of a condition of driveshafts