Infiniti QX4 service since 1996 of release
1. Introduction
2. Maintenance instruction
3. Routine maintenance
4. Engine
5. Cooling and heating systems
6. Power supply systems and managements
7. Start and charge systems
8. Transmission line
9. Brake system
10. Suspension bracket and steering
11. Body
12. Electric equipment
12.1. Specifications
12.2. Search of causes of failures of electric equipment
12.3. Electric sockets - general information
12.4. Safety locks and fusible inserts - the general information
12.5. Chain breakers - the general information
12.6. The relay - the general information and check of serviceability of functioning
12.7. Check of serviceability of functioning and replacement of the breaker of indexes of turns / alarm system
12.8. Replacement of lamps of lighting devices
12.9. Check of serviceability of functioning and regenerative repair of a heater of back glass
12.10. System of additional safety (SRS)
12.11. Schemes of electric connections
12.11.1. Control system of the engine of 3.3 l
12.11.2. Control system of the engine of 3.5 l
12.11.3. Scheme of distribution of capacity
12.11.4. Charging system
12.11.5. Start system
12.11.6. Automatic transmission
12.11.7. Blocking of switching of AT
12.11.8. Tempostat
12.11.9. System of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS)
12.11.10. Onboard processor
12.11.11. Diagnostic sockets
12.11.12. Combination of devices
12.11.13. Illumination of devices
12.11.14. External lighting
12.11.15. Headlights with DRL
12.11.16. Headlights without DRL
12.11.17. Backing fires
12.11.18. Illumination of salon when opening doors
12.11.19. Horn
12.11.20. Glass heating
12.11.21. Windscreen cleaners / washers
12.11.22. Cleaner / washer of back glass
12.11.23. Electric drive of rear-view mirrors
12.11.24. Electric drive of window regulators
12.11.25. Electric drive of the top hatch
12.11.26. The electric drive of an otpuskaniye of a latch of rising back glass
12.11.27. Electric drive of seats
12.11.28. System of additional safety (SRS)
12.11.29. Climate control system
12.11.30. Electroheating of seats
12.11.31. Audiosystem
12.11.32. Electric drive of the aerial of a radio receiver
12.11.33. Uniform lock
12.11.34. Anticreeping system
12.11.35. Alarm system
12.11.36. Scheme of distribution of weight

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12.11.29. Climate control system

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12.11.28. System of additional safety (SRS)
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12.11.30. Electroheating of seats